Are There Rab GTPases in Archaea?

Surkont, J., and J. B. Pereira-Leal, "Are There Rab GTPases in Archaea?", Mol Biol Evol, vol. 33, issue 7, pp. 1833-42, 2016 Jul.


Bioinformatics tool to test 28-bp and 39-bp DNA sequences for there ability to be targets of the V(D)J recombinase (RAG) and to map potential recombination signal sequences (RSS) in all jawed vertebrates.  This tool also enables to produce classifiers with alternative training sets.

Rethinking the Niche of Upper-Atmosphere Bacteria: Draft Genome Sequences of Bacillus aryabhattai C765 and Bacillus aerophilus C772, Isolated from Rice Fields

Here, we report two genome sequences of endospore-forming bacteria isolated from the rice fields of Comporta, Portugal, identified as Bacillus aryabhattai C765 and Bacillus aerophilus C772. Both species were previously identified in air samples from the upper atmosphere, but our findings suggest their presence in a wider range of environmental niches.

Evolutionary patterns in coiled-coils.

Surkont, J., and J. B. Pereira-Leal, "Evolutionary patterns in coiled-coils.", Genome Biol Evol, vol. 7, issue 2, pp. 545-56, 2015 Feb.