A web tool for automated identification and classification of small GTPases and a database of Rab small GTPases

A platform for description of morphological diversity and variation of Microtubule Organixing Centers, incuding TEM images for hundreds of species, and annotation of these images using a specially created ontology for MTOC structure.

A Protein family calssifier for Heme Copper Oxidases

inTB - Clinical and molecular data warehouse for infectious diseases

CorkOakDB - a database and web tools for the corkoak EST sequencing project

Bioinformatics tool to test 28-bp and 39-bp DNA sequences for there ability to be targets of the V(D)J recombinase (RAG) and to map potential recombination signal sequences (RSS) in all jawed vertebrates.  This tool also enables to produce classifiers with alternative training sets.

An amino acid substitution model of coiled-coil evolution, script that allow to generate  scoring matrices based on a substituion model and a series of such matrices generated for the coiled-coil model.